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Some chews for dogs can be real tooth breakers!

Did you know some chews and toys for dogs are just too hard for their teeth? Especially real ‘tooth breakers’ which can even include animal bones and antlers. Here’s some guidance as to how you can work out if a chew will be suitable for your dog and how you can choose with care.

Some chews for dogs can be real tooth breakers!

Why are chews for dogs so important?

Dogs love a good chew and it’s good for them too.

  • Promotes a strong jaw and healthy teeth
  • Adds more fun to playtime
  • Could be important for a dog’s physical and mental well-being

But recent scientific research at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine, supported by Mars Petcare, shows some dog chews and toys are just too hard. So hard, in fact, that they can actually lead to tooth chips and fractures – which can be agonising for your dog and lead to infection, reduced appetite and even tooth loss1

Why are chews for dogs so important
teeth are softer than they seem

Did you know dogs’ teeth are softer than they seem?

  1. The enamel on a dog’s tooth is up to six times thinner than ours.
  2. The nerves in their teeth are much closer to the surface too. Ouch!2
  3. It’s estimated that one in four dogs have a tooth fracture1
tooth breaker

How to work out if a chew or toy is too hard

A Mars Petcare poll told us not all pet parents are 100% clear about the type of chews and toys which could damage their dog’s teeth3. So here’s a top tip to help you to avoid painful tooth breakers.

Next time you buy a chew treat for your dog, use this simple rule:

If you wince at the thought of biting down hard on your dog’s toy or chew yourself, it’s probably too hard for your dog’s teeth

What goes into making perfect chews for dogs?

Our nutritionists, scientists and veterinarians at Mars Petcare have been hard at work developing a whole host of better chews for dogs using the quality ingredients needed to support a healthy diet.

All of our chews are designed to be beautifully tooth-kind – with textures that have been developed with care and consideration to give your dog chewing pleasure and satisfy their natural urge to chew.

perfect chews for dogs
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Want to know more about how to pick the best chews for dogs and how to protect their teeth?

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