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Wie alt ist Ihr Hund?
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Wie groß ist Ihr Hund?

Feeding Your Dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog, which is why we are on a mission to ensure that your dog gets the nutrition they need in the flavours and textures they enjoy.

Lab-Sheppard Mix

Wet Food (Cans, Trays, Pouches)

Dog's love wet food and it can be great for their health as well.

PEDIGREE Wet food is 100% complete and available in cans and pouches. It contains approximately four times less calories per gram than the average dry food so can help maintain a healthy bodyweight for your dog by preventing over-feeding. It also contains more moisture than dry food which is good for urinary tract health and is the closest food to what dogs would naturally choose in the wild.

Check out our wet dog food products here.

Pedigree Wet can Food