PEDIGREE VITAL PROTECTION™ dry food is designed to cover a dog’s four universal nutritional needs: oral care, digestion, skin and coat, and natural defences.

Shiba Inu

Dry food

Oral care

All dogs need to have good oral hygiene. Dogs use their mouths to do everything, from eating to exploring, so keeping their teeth and gums healthy is therefore essential. For this reason, PEDIGREE® kibble is specially designed to encourage your dog to chew, which promotes good oral hygiene.

Optimal digestion

Dogs should also have good digestion. PEDIGREE dog food contains rice and quality proteins which contribute to healthy digestion.

Healthy skin and coat icon

All dogs should have healthy skin and coat. PEDIGREE products contain sunflower oil, a natural source of omega-6 fatty acids, and zinc to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Strong natural defences icon

All dogs need a strong immune system to stay healthy. Our recipes contain vitamin E, which is known for its antioxidant properties, and selected minerals to help maintain your dog's natural defences.

Wet food

Developed by our expert veterinarians, PEDIGREE® freshness sachets are tasty balanced meals in the exact quantity your dog needs. PEDIGREE® fresh Bags offer optimal nutrition that promotes strong natural defences, strong bones, healthy skin and coat and good digestion.

Strong natural defences

With vitamin E to help maintain your dog’s natural defences

Optimal digestion

With beet pulp to promote good digestion

Healthy skin and coat

With zinc and omega-6 to promote healthy skin and shiny coat

Solid bone

With calcium for strong bones

PEDIGREE VITAL PROTECTION™ helps your dog stay healthy and full of life.